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Derick J. Murway formed Montage Development with a vision for innovation and unsurpassed quality. Derick began in the real estate/homebuilding industry in 1990 and quickly became the vice president of the company in which he was employed. Derick's innovation and efficiency transformed the owner's business model, income, and subsequent retirement allowing the owner to retire ten years ahead of schedule. Recognizing not only Derick's expertise but his commitment to operate with honor and integrity the owner, as a sign of gratitude, took Derick to each one of their established banking relationships telling them, "Deal with him now, as you have with me," successfully passing the torch to Derick.

After 22 years of operating and millions financed and invested, Derick's banking relationships are impeccable and his name is held in high regard. He has won numerous awards for architectural design and home building on of which was the "People Choice Award" for the Kaleidoscope of Homes. He is an industry leader in inspired design elements. His forward thinking led to the creation of "Courtyard Concept" in local high-end housing, as well as the distinctive design feature known as the "Separate Family Flex Space." Each company he has formed has profited and been highly esteemed.

Derick has established honor as the centerpiece of day to day operations. By keeping integrity, innovation and unsurpassed quality as his benchmark, Derick's name is known to by synonymous with excellence.

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